Schools Sports Curicullum

Made by Experienced Professionals with complete focus on needs of Indian children…….

HTC Sports Mantra

  1. Schools as Catalyst Gateway to Olympics.
  2. Physical Education through sports.
  3. Vision 2020 for Indian Sports Emerge as Super Power in Sports.
  4. Progressive Curriculum – 14 Sport Disciplines.
  5. Age Group Wise Curriculum – For Classes KG to Grade 12.
  6. Regular Evaluations - Strength, Speed, Endurance, Flexibility, Coordination.
  7. Fun & Enjoyment with every activity
  8. Specialized Equipments & Gear - For every age group (height & strength).
  9. Learning & Understanding - Rules, Techniques, Etiquettes, Sporting principles.
  10. Calisthenics- Performance Enhancement - Building Endurance.
  11. Specifically designed according to Indian climatic conditions by eminent Indian experts.


  • Mapping study on schools.
  • Ensure right facilities and students player ratio versus manpower.
  • Review & if required, we re-structure sports curriculum.


  • Registration form with school logo to be filled by the Students.
  • Aptitude test of the Students.
  • Medical test/ certificate require from the expert doctor certifying child’s fitness (any allergies to be highlighted).
  • Allocation of the Sport – is generally done as per Childs competency, aptitude & medical fitness.

What we offer

  • Regular monitoring of the curriculum.
  • Workshops to enhance curriculum and players efficiency.
  • Monthly monitoring of staff, coaches and students/ players.
  • 6 monthly detailed evaluation on the progress of student/ player.
  • Career counseling to the students.

School Sports Curriculum Option

  • Sports Aptitude test by experts.
  • Medical Clearance by experts.
  • Training of existing faculty.
  • Curriculum through resource person posted at school during school hours.
  • Regular visits of sports specific experts.
  • 2 evaluations of every child in 1 academic session.
  • All of Option 1
  • All equipments including consumables such as racquets, balls, training equipment
  • Assistant coaches of all activity –Maximum of 4 per 1000 students
  • Assistance in selection and participation of school teams in tournaments
  • Career counseling
  • Assistance in scholarship
  • Community Sports Programme – After School Hours
  • Sports training to school teams at discounted price
  • Discount for school staff, member schools & alumni